How These "Solar" Lights are Transforming American Homes into an Oasis of Stunning Light

  • December 4th 2019 - Frank H.

"I can’t believe how amazing my yard looks after installing these!”

How Homeowners are Impressing their Neighbors with these “Stunning” Lights…

One small trip on a dark walkway and you could be in pain for days. Not being able to see puts you and your guests in danger of a harmful fall.

Plus, dark and creepy pathways are uninviting for guests. I mean, who wants to go to a house that looks like it’s haunted?

The thing is, you can’t actually install some decent lights unless you’re willing to fork up tons of cash.

And all these other lighting systems need complicated installations that need ugly wiring running through your yard.

Don’t Let Your Home be the “Eye-Sore” of the Neighborhood

A dark yard looks uninviting for your guests. Who wants to visit a house that looks so dark it’s like it’s not even there?

The Good News is that Your Home is Super Easy to Upgrade!

These new lights are an affordable way to light up any home and finally forget about expensive electricians or ugly wires.

These Bright Rights™ Make Your Home Looks Years Newer in Minutes

Finally, you can take a walk around your yard without worrying what you are going to trip on. And impress any guest who comes over!

Bright Right™ is the best DIY solution for lighting up your home in minutes without breaking the bank.

These lights have been difficult to keep in stock due to their increasing popularity.

We highly recommend you check if there are still some available before they get put on back order again.

So How Do These Lights Work?

Bright Right™ uses 8 ultra-bright LED lights to illuminate the darkest walkways in your yard.

During the day Bright Right™ harnesses the sun’s energy using its super-efficient solar panels. Then when night comes it automatically turns on using dusk-to-dawn technology.

And you don't have to run outside and grab Bright Right™ when it starts to rain.. They are engineered to withstand the elements including rain & hail!

Bright Right™ Lights are Super Easy to Use!

All you have to do is take them out of the box, flip a switch, and place them into the ground wherever you want.

No complicated wiring or annoying battery replacements. Just set down Bright Right™ or attach the stake to stick it into the dirt or grass. Then you just enjoy your fascinating LED lights at night.

These lights are perfect for pathways, staircases, lawns, porches, driveways, and gardens.

Do Bright Right™ Lights actually Look Amazing at Night?

Here’s some of the reviews we could find for Bright Right™ from happy customers…

"I had someone come out to my house and give me an estimate for $950 to come install lights in my yard. I said no way then ended up finding these and decided to try them out. I didn’t think they would work well but the first night when the sun went down I was shocked. They light up my yard and I could actually see the pathways for once. And they were super easy to use!”

- Beverly Weaver

"I tripped and fell pretty hard walking in my house with groceries because I couldn’t see anything. My husband ordered these for our house and it’s the best things hes ever done. They light up the path well, I won’t be tripping again!"

- Alexis Woodward

"It worked"

"I have to say I was skeptical when I bought these but when I put them in my yard I was surprised. These shine really bright and I didn’t even have to put in batteries or wire them in. My neighbors are asking where I got them now"

- Hui Croft

Is it worth it?


  • Create safe pathways

  • Minimal lighting

  • Weatherproof

  • Break after being in rain

  • Works anywhere in your Yard

  • Only designed for specific areas

  • Installs in minutes

  • Takes hours to setup

  • Affordable

  • Cost hundreds of dollars to install

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

  • No money back

I was really skeptical that Bright Right™ would actually make my home look good.

But I gave them a try anyways and ordered two sets.

Two days later I had to get two more! My wife and I are in love with these lights. And I was truly shocked to see that Bright Right™ actually shines bright all night!

My pathways look amazing every night with all that light.

Bottom Line: If you want to shower your home with bright, beautiful lights without having to pay thousands to an electrician, then these are the lights you need.

How Can You Try Bright Right™?

Bright Right™ is only available online and can’t be found in stores.

Now that you know about the transformation these lights can give to your home, here’s how you can try them out:

  1. Go here and order Bright Right™ from the official website

  2. Enjoy how beautiful your home will look at night

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